Whistleblower function

DistIT's strong brand and trust are based on high integrity and sound business practice. At DistIT, we believe that openness and good communication within the organisation lead to a good corporate culture.

The whistleblower function is about reporting illegal or suspected illegal acts and violations of DistIT's code of conduct. We care about identifying improprieties in our business. Examples of improprieties include sexual harassment, fraud and corruption, discrimination, and environmental and human rights violations.

All employees have rights and obligations to report improprieties regarding corruption, abuse of position, fraud, financial crime, serious misconduct, and work environment or environmental crime.

Information about the whistleblower function, how it works, and how employees can submit a report shall be available on each subsidiary's website.

As of 17 December 2021, there is also a new whistleblower law, which means that the whistleblower function is both independent and autonomous from the company. DistIT has therefore created efficient and secure reporting channels, where we allow you to report verbally by telephone, in writing via a web-based form, or at a physical meeting booked through the above-mentioned channels.

The reporting channel allows increased security for those who want to report when, in a work-related context, you have received information about misconduct where there is a public interest in this coming to light.

You can choose to report your suspicions openly or anonymously.All reports and communications are treated in the strictest confidence, and the investigation is handled with the utmost care and consideration for your privacy.

You do not risk being subject to discrimination or retaliation on the grounds of you reporting.

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